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Super Healthy Hand-crafted Honeys

flowersNew Zealand Honey Co honey is packed free of additives, is harvested from predominantly unspoilt nature reserves, where all stages of harvesting and processing are managed carefully. The company can trace each batch produced all the way back to the specific hives. The packed products are also rigorously tested to ensure the honeys are as pure as possible, with flavours of amazing depth and taste.

New Zealand Honey Co. involves its beekeepers in sustainable beekeeping practices, without antibiotics. The company is also dedicated to working closely with New Zealand Research Institutions to understand the unique health properties of each of its honeys. The research is on-going as the company seeks to investigate more specific health benefits across its range.

“We want our customers to taste the healthy goodness of our honeys and experience the depths of flavours that are present straight from the hive.”

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